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Floor Stripping & Quick-Drying Polyurethane Coating
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  They did the best job of any cleaning
company in the area.  My carpets look great.
                                                 Mikell D.

  I had some really bad stains that I didn't think would come out but Quick-Kleen got the bad stains out along with the rest of the dirt.
                                                   Tammy C.

  The two-step carpet cleaning process
is a terrific value.  The carpets look great.
                                                    Robin P.

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Over time, the forces of nature cause wood decks and fences to become weathered and unattractive. This weathering often consists not only of fading and graying from the sun but also a buildup of dirt and unsightly molds, mildew and algae that can be slippery and very unsafe. Pressure washing of your exterior wood includes the removal of these elements which restores the wood to its original golden pine color and condition. Pressure washing also enables protective finishes (i.e. sealants and stains) to penetrate and adhere to the wood properly in order to provide maximum protection.

Pressure Washing Rates:
Rate for a 10' x 12' size deck (or 120 square ft) is $99.00 and includes up to 40 side rails and support beams. Decks larger than 10' x 12' and steps are priced at .50 (fifty cents) for each square ft. over 10' x 12'.

Pressure Washing & Staining Rates:
For customers that want to protect and beautify their decks after having it pressure washed, we offer guaranteed protection for up to 3 years with Behr wood stains. This product is a high performance, durable, deep penetrating exterior wood finish, which provides exceptional water repellancy and UV protection, plus the added protection of a preservative, which prevents fungal growth on the wood surface. This preservative protects against the outbreak of mold, mildew, rot and decay, even in humid and well shaded or consistently wet areas. Having the deck stained will prevent premature color fading and graying while beautifying the deck with over 80 colors to choose from. 
Deck Pressure Washing & Staining  $419.00
(Includes up to 10'x12' Deck or 120 Sq. ft. + up to 40 spindles) 
 Additional Square Footage over 120 Sq Ft is .50 cents for Pressure Washing and $2.00 per Sq Ft for Staining.  Additional spindles over the 40 that are included are .50 per spindle for Pressure Washing and $2.00 per spindle for staining.  Behr wood stain included with rates listed.

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Walkway and Driveway Pressure Washing


Steam-Cleaning in 2 Rooms Only $49 (Reg. $79)
Steam-Cleaning in 5 Rooms Only $99 (Reg. $179)

Our 2-Step Deep-Cleaning Method gets
your carpets and furniture cleaner
than any other method.

(Only $20.00 more per room over
standard steam-cleaning method)

1. We first shampoo your carpets and furniture which
loosens deep-down stains and dirt.
2.  We steam-clean which rinses and extracts the dirt
and shampoo from the carpets and furniture.

Other companies claim to use a two step
method.  Step One is simply spraying a
solution on your walkways and step two
is steam-cleaning the carpet. 

The Big Difference
We don't just spray your walkways, we actually scrub your walkways (and the
whole carpet) with a large carpet
shampooer that loosens deep-down
stains and dirt.  Then we steam-clean
which rinses and extracts the dirt and shampoo from the carpet.  With our
method, we don't leave a soap residue
in the carpet that causes the carpet to
re-soil and attract dirt as other
methods do. Our 2-Step Method gets
your carpets and furniture cleaner
than any other cleaning method available.