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We've always welcomed our customers comments and suggestions.  We realize that without you, our customers, we would not exist.  Send us an email at with your suggestions on how we can improve our service.  Also, we welcome your comments if you were satisfied with our service and our representatives.  You may see your comments on this page.

Our Past Customer Comments . . .

  "New windows sent insulation dust all over the house.  Thank heavens for Quick-Kleen.  Walls and carpets look great."  Linda N.
"Quick-Kleen provides excellent service.  I am well satisfied."  Jackie D.
"I was very satisfied with the two-step carpet cleaning on our carpets.  They had never been done before."  June G.
  "I had some really bad stains that I didn't think would come out but Quick-Kleen got the bad stains out along with the rest of the dirt."
            Tammy C.
 "They did the best job of any cleaning company in the area.  My carpets look great."  Mikell D.
 "My carpets are much cleaner than with the regular steam-cleaning methods the other companies use."  Anne T.
"I was very pleased with the great job Quick-Kleen did.  I will recommend them to my friends."  Elmer S.
"I am proud to be a customer of Quick-Kleen.  They did a great job and are also friendly."  George A.
"I was very pleased with the service and the crew was very enjoyable & friendly and worked hard."  Darleen B.
"I've tried alot of cleaning companies but the only one that pleased me is Quick-Kleen. They did everything I requested and were very
             professional."   Patty A.
"I liked the quick and friendly service of Quick-Kleen."  Tim R.
"I think Quick-Kleen was prompt, courteous and efficient.  I am well pleased with the work they did for me and would recommend
               them highly."  Jerri H.
"The crew really gave my carpet a deep cleaning.  I will call on them again.  A job well done."  Sallie L.
  "The two-step carpet cleaning process is a terrific value.  The carpets look great."   Robin P.
  "What can I say?  I was extremely pleased with Quick-Kleen."  Jeannie K.
  "These guys were super! Great job."  Marlene S.
"The carpets look wonderful and I didn't even have to lift a finger."  Rita C.
"The cleaning freshened up the whole house and it took away my pet odors!"  Carol B.
"Quick-Kleen did a wonderful job and the crew was very friendly."  Linda K.
"I had my carpets cleaned twice before by other companies. Now I had Quick-Kleen and this was the cleanest it ever turned out."
              Heather G.
"Quick-Kleen will always do my cleaning.  My house looks like new."  Patti K.
"Quick-Kleen made a world of difference.  The carpets look clean, smell fresh and were done quick."  Cathi D.
"Quick-Kleens service was as promised, fast and efficient with satisfying results."  Terry S.
  "We like Quick-Kleen because they're professional, efficient and the carpets look and smell beautiful.  We will always have Quick-Kleen
             do our carpets."  Karen Z.
  "Quick-Kleen did such a fine job at the office that I decided to have them do our home."  Rob K.
  "I never thought that I would see my furniture so clean again."  Cynthia K.
  "They were well prepared.  The carpets look great.  Thanks for saving me some time."  Bonnie C.
"The carpets look so much better with a very refreshing smell."  Debra W.
  "The cleaning was just great!"  Darlene T.
  "This was my first time with Quick-Kleen, and I know we will continue their services regularly.  They performed miracles in my
               home.  They are so affordable."  Lynn H.
  "I would recommend Quick-Kleen to clean anyones home.  They do great work."  Jeff C.
  "Quick-Kleen does wonders on carpets abused by kids and pets."  Sally M.
"Quick-Kleen made my carpets look great."  Marilyn M.
  "Everything looks really nice and the service was very friendly.  I'll do it again next year."  Denise M.
  "I was very satisfied with Quick-Kleens quality work."  James D.
  "For the second year in a row, a job well done."  Kathy S.
  "Quick-Kleen is quick, clean and friendly."  Harry B.
  "You'll never be disappointed if you try Quick-Kleen in your home."  Antoinette V.
  "I'm really pleased.  They did a great job on everything."  Betty B.
  "Quick-Kleen made my dull old carpets look like new again.  Their service is excellent."  Dottie P.
  "I was very well-pleased with the job Quick-Kleen did."  Merle S.
  "The workers are so efficient.  My furniture smells so clean and looks so new."  Dora T.
  "Quick-Kleen did a super job on my furniture, especially with the stains."  Joneda G.
  "I've had Quick-Kleen services for over 15 years and I have always been pleased with their workmanship."  Verna N.